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Ak ste práve Vy ľudia, ktorí majú radšej zimnú turistickú sezónu, môžete si dovolenku naplno vychutnávať na lyžiarskom svahu, ktorý je súčasťou areálu. Takže stačí vstať s postele pozrieť von oknom, obliecť sa do lyžiarskej výstroje a malým zjazdom od penziónu sa dostanete priamo k nástupnej stanici lyžiarskeho vleku.

Lyžiarske vleky sú umiestnené na severo-východnom svahu pod Inovcom. Vzhľadom k orientácií a nadmorskej výške (700 m.n.m.) má dobré snehové podmienky počas celej zimnej prevádzky.
Vlek Tatrapoma H-80 s dvoma ziazdovkami strednej obťiažnosti je dlhý 700 metrov a vlek LVF, ktorý je dlhý 700 metrov. Zjazdovky sú upravované strojmi (ratrakmi) Käsbohrer.

Vleky v prevádzke - 2

Otvorené zjazdovky - 3

Ale nezúfajte ani Vy, ktorí preferujete bežecké lyžovanie. V okolí areálu ako aj priamo v ňom, sa nachádza množstvo udržiavaných turistických chodníkov a lesníckych ciest, ktoré sú využívané práve priaznivcami bežeckého lyžovania.

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Ski Centrum Drozdovo
Veľká Lehota (Veľká Lehota)

Tel.: 0948/749350; 0905/552813

Otváracie hodiny

Pondelok 09:00-16:00
Utorok 09:00-16:00
Streda 09:00-16:00
Štvrtok 09:00-16:00
Paitok 09:00-16:00
Sobota 09:00-16:00
Nedeľa 09:00-16:00

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  • Parkovisko pre hostí

Ubytovanie, Stravovanie, Požičovňa a servis lyží

Večerné lyžovanie streda- sobota od 17:30 do 20:30.

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> Not the filetring I had in mind.> I didn't mean filetr on the> basis of extensions alone.> I don't know how konqueror in> 3.x did it, but I assume it> looked up what mime-types were> registered and presented those> in the menu to let you choose> as many or as few as you needed.Ah, now I know what you mean. Yes, might make sense but as my TODO list is already too huge for 4.1 I'd like to postpone this. I'm not sure whether this feature is really a must-have, but let's see.> I've read it, and I still say at > least tabs should be implemented> eventually.As already mentioned in the thread: I'm not against tabs in general, but _if_ we implement this in Dolphin, then we must do it really right without adding 10 menu items... But this is definitely something for > KDE 4.1 :-)> I hope you didn't take this> the wrong way, because I> think you're doing a stellar job.> And I'm one of those that thought> it was a bad idea to introduce a> new filemanager, but now I really> can not see myself going back to> konqueror.Cool, that's nice to hear :-)> Oh, and a question while I'm at> it. If someone would think of a> new view mode that would be> useful, does it have to be> patched into the current dolphin> sources or can it be implemented> outside of dolphin-proper?It must be implemented as new view mode in Dolphin. In opposite to Konqueror Dolphin does not support external plugins. This has for sure the drawback of not being extandable that easy, but on the other hand shows its benefit regarding performance and a tighter integration (e. g. each view mode can be adjusted in the settings etc.). [url=]yjputcxdmu[/url] [link=]bslpiqbfysy[/link]


"Dolphin just uses the thumbnail <a href="">mesnhaicm</a> from kdelibs and depends on the available thumbnail plugins. I think in KDE 4.1 the number of available plugins will be higher."I rather thought that might be the case...still, no biggie. I just miss the movie previews which were real handy when you work with a lot of video-files. "Regarding the resizing: on trunk the information sidebar has been improved already so that increasing the sidebar increases the thumbnail too."That's good, but I wasn't thinking about the sidebar. For now I don't use that one at all since it takes up too much screen estate while providing too little extra information.No, I was thinking about the thumbnails in the main view."I'll need to write a dedicated blog entry for this topic in near future. For the current state, please have a look at"I've read it, and I still say at least tabs should be implemented eventually. When you or someone else has the time and/or good ideas of how to do it the best way.I guess I could use Konqueror in the meantime but that would unfortunately mean:1. External programs may try to open urls in the filemanager window instead of the browser (my main pet peeve of KDE 3.x).2. I would loose the lovely breadcrumb, and that would be REALLY annoying."Is planned (see my first reply above)."Not the filtering I had in mind. I didn't mean filter on the basis of extensions alone. I don't know how konqueror in 3.x did it, but I assume it looked up what mime-types were registered and presented those in the menu to let you choose as many or as few as you needed.I hope you didn't take this the wrong way, because I think you're doing a stellar job. And I'm one of those that thought it was a bad idea to introduce a new filemanager, but now I really can not see myself going back to konqueror. It's been delegated into being "only" a webbrowser, and an outstanding one at that (firefox, what's that?).Oh, and a question while I'm at it. If someone would think of a new view mode that would be useful, does it have to be patched into the current dolphin sources or can it be implemented outside of dolphin-proper? For example, could a image handling program provide a plugin to dolphin to give it a timeline/exif viewing mode? Okay, maybe a stupid example but I hope you get the idea.


I'm wondering why do you wait> for Monday. Does it idortnuce> changes in the API? If not, there> is no need to wait.No API changes are done for this, but I've done another API addition yesterday which touches some Dolphin files and I don't want to risk that I accidentally commit a wrong file. [url=]xuezlxzcpf[/url] [link=]askadark[/link]


Thanks for your work Peter. I'm starting to like Dolphin, as it has <a href="">prsesgroed</a> greatly from KDE 4.0. I appreciate the ability to comment on your work, and to offer suggestions for which I bet most users would benefit from.Personally, I, like other users who have commented, prefer a single view for all folders. But I also have previously made extensive use of the other Konqueror view modes, such as the photobook mode. I miss very much that option in KDE4.On a more general note concerning Dolphin, I also miss the option to have view profiles such as in Konqueror. We need custom view profiles, and also an option which confirms we have saved them and an easy way to select between them. Most other highly-rated file managers have this option, including Konqueror, the old Norton File Manager, Total Commander, and PowerDesk. That way you can have a file manager with the best of both worlds: an easy to use icon view or an advanced tree view with details. Right now when I change options in Dolphin I must assume they will be saved, but that doesn't always occur. So a more definite method of saving settings would be helpful.I second the suggestion that you make an "Up" button a default in the toolbar. That button and a "Home" button are no-brainers and sorely needed. We also need an "Extract Here" option that actually works. While Konqueror has that now unrotunately Ark is still broken when using bz2. Also, Konqueror needs the option back for inline renaming like you have in Dolphin. I don't know if that is in Dolphin_part or in Konqueror, but it is badly missed as the other way really slows things down when doing actual work.Thanks again for all your hard work. I look forward to your next Dolphin revision.


kdelibs的依赖: strigi aticta libxss xz openssl soprano heimdal shared-desktop-ontologies qca libdbusmenu-qt polkit-qt grantlee shared-mime-info enchant giflib jasper openexr xdg-utils phonon hicolor-icon-theme upower udisks libxcursor另外gnome-vfs的依赖:……fam gconf>=2.32.0 hal>=0.5.13 bzip2 avahi>=0.6.27 smbclient>=3.5.5 gnome-mime-data>=2.18.0-2 heimdal>=1.3.3 gnutls>=2.8.6我不知该用什么表情……哦另外devicekit还没怎么样就已经被udisks和upwoer取代了。Phonon啊,之前有讲vlc将来会成为以后的方向……不过目前还是依然处于amarok一退出就来个crash的状态……虽然是各种upstream的问题……总之感觉很坑爹。



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